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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Brian 'Head' Welch Leaves Korn

According to the group's management, Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, a founding member of Korn, has left the band and has rededicated his life to Christianity.

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Tsunami Relief

Hey, my man Untidy Mind over in Manchester UK has got together with some of his buddies and put together a Tsunami Relief CD. Check it out:
Independent Artists Aid - Hope Never Dies


In response to the Asian Tsunami disaster, independent unsigned musicians from seven countries - the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong/China, Austria, England and Scotland, have banded together to form Independent Artist Aid. The result is an 18-song compilation CD: "Hope Never Dies.”

Most of the artists have never met in person. Their relationships were formed over the Internet in the messageboards at and new online music distributor Every one of the participants: artists, engineer, designer and all the organisers behind the scenes, has donated their recorded material and services free of charge, delivering the CD ready for purchase within one month of the initial idea.

For more info go here


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Review: Fighter Pilot Music

My first impressions are always soooo wrong. Take for example my first impression of a the first line on the first song off of the Fighter Pilots debut CD Atomic Anthem

“you saw me naked in all my clothes”

I thought “that’s lame, I hate plays on words” But the song continued and my opinion changed quickly. . Seems this is a break up song, and a damn good one too.

What lead singer David Aaron Freed is talking about is that feeling of vulnerability you give to a lover only to end up regretting it and them and yourself later once the relationship is over. That baring of the soul to the one person whom you thought would be your soul mate. Hey man I been there I done that. What makes a good song? Lyrics that you can relate to.

Fighter Pilot are a powerful three piece outta the City Of Angels yes, L.A. LaLa land. Rounding out the Fighter Pilots are Paulo Charbel on Guitar and vocals and Kevin Holden on Drums and back up vocals.

Ah man have I ever mentioned to you guys how much I love songs about L.A.? Well even though Perfect Day is a little slow for my liking it is still a song about L.A. so I love it. Not being a fan of slow songs I was really glad that the band went right back into rock out mode immediately after Perfect Day.

Okay, now we've reached the part of the review I hate. I really don’t like comparing one band to another because everyone (I hope) is really striving for originality. But sometimes the only way to get folks to listen to something new is to reassure them they are about to listen to something they already sorta like. So on that note. These guys really remind me of a mix between the Foo Fighters and Jet. They are a little harder than Jet but not quite as hard as the Foo Fighters. What gives them the Foo Fighter brand is their rock anthemish style of play.

These guys switch it up nicely from rockers to ballads, to ballads that rock. One thing I noticed though was that only the slower songs contained something which I love: “shredding guitar solo’s” Dudes if your guitarist shreds, then shred he may!

Speaking of switching it nicely between the fast and the slow. I think this band has created a new genre. Dude if we can have emo, and screamo then make way for "adult/alternative". Like I said these guys rock, but then they know how to slow it down and play a little something for the ladies. This CD is perfect for kicking back and listening to with a girl.

One last note about this CD. It was moving along nicely every song had something in it that I liked in one way or another. Then just as I started to worry to myself. "ah man how long can they keep up this streak of good songs?" something really great happened. The CD ended! This CD comes in at just under 40 minutes, and that's great. Folks one of the greatest albums of all-time Fleetwood Macs Rumors is only 43 minutes long. Just because CDs can hold much more music doesn't mean all bands must now make 70min long CD's. This is a really good CD I recommend it. I'm also going to do my best to catch these guys live. JR


Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Dalloways: Penalty Crusade

The Dalloways are:
Gerhard Enns: vocals, guitars
Aaron Wall: drums, percussion
Nico Rhodes: keyboards
Ricky Gonzales: guitars
Matt Wall: bass

I have a little bit of a problem when an American Band from sunny California says their sound is Brit Pop. I mean maybe, maybe if they were from a more diverse part of California like lets say Los Angeles or San Francisco. But the Central Valley? No, way..Or can it be?

Just exactly what is Brit Pop and do we really need anymore bands claiming to have tapped into this well? Today I think Brit Pop and I think Oasis, okay maybe Travis, or ColdPlay two out of three aint band, right?

So I finally got tired of pondering what a band from Central California definition of Brit Pop could possibly sound like and I popped their new CD into my CD player and pressed play. I then picked up a book and began to read as I normally do when listening to something for the first time. Only problem is I never got to read one word. The minute I started listening to this CD it was like I had been sent back to the mid to late 80's. This was a time when almost every band I seemed to like had a moody laid back sound, and they all sounded like the Beatles when they talked.

The first artist who came to mind immediately was Morrisey. However Gerhard Enns sweet way of strumming the guitar reminded me oh so much of Robert Smiths style. How can you go wrong with a band who has the elements of two of the best singer songwrites of the 80's Brit Invasion?

Okay so if the sound is so familiar then why even listen to the Dalloways? Why not just take out your old copy of Disenigration and listen to that? Well because even though the sound is familiar what is going to set the songs on this album apart and give them the strength to stand by their own merits is the song writing, the lyrics. In a recent interview when asked what influenced Gerhard song writing on this album here's what he had to say:

"Situations, other people and what they go through. Other times they're about fictional characters that I come up with, relationships and what not. Basically, my songs are influenced by fiction. A lot of fiction."

The Dalloways in a way are story tellers. Every song paints a diffenent picture and every picture as they say is worth a thousand words. They are influenced by everything around them and you can hear this in their music. It makes this album an album that is worth listening to. The musical arrangements rich and are so beautifully put together that I hear something new I like everytime I listen to this album.

I highly recommend this album. JR


Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Beeps: Music for Awkward Situations

What can I say about The Beeps that hasn't already been said?

Well my personal opinion: it takes a lot of talent to make it sound this easy. I love The Beeps. However, I'm not a hipster, I'm not into Bond films, and I've never ordered a Martini neither shaken nor stirred. I am though an old high school band nerd. I am impressed by people who can play more than one instrument, transpose music, and create a completely original sound using genres that have been put to rest and revived over and over again.

The first Beeps song I ever heard was Surf's Up. I thought ah man this is some great retro surf guitar band. Then found out they were from NYC, next I heard Tell Me a complete about face as far as sound goes from Surfs Up. At this point I grew really curious about this band calling themselves The Beeps

What I found out was not surprising at all. The Beeps all 6 of them are all well accomplished very seasoned musicians in their own right. They came together a couple of years ago in the melting pot of the world NYC.

The sound? How can I describe it? Remember Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, and all those other hipster daddy bands from a few years ago? Well pretend those bands had come from NYC instead of LA. I can say that cause I'm from Cali. And as much as I love my state, I know we are way behind NYC in a lot of areas. Old School hipster music is one of those areas.

Then there's their vocalist Sue K. Sultry, Sexy, is all I can say. She is a hip hip lady, and the Beeps are a very hip, very cool band that deserve a listening too. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Beeps.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Maybe Los Angeles is ready for Karmahitist

As I sit and listen to yet another Metallica song on what could be any radio station in Bakersfield I come to the realization that Bako is just to Korn on the cob to handle the Retro Rock of Karmahitlist. No, not retro as in 80's retro I'm talking retro like 65 Rolling Stones retro. These guys are the real deal. In the weeks to come they'll be stormin the stages of L.A. the stages that gave birth to The Doors, and Guns n Roses just to name a few. Yeah, I think L.A. is more ready for KHL than Bakersfield. But here's a taste of what I witnessed recently on the streets of Bakersfield:

All I have to say about tonight's KHL show at Jerry's is this. For the first time since I saw Mento Buru down in that sweat hole I lost all control and just started to dance. And not the kind of dancing you do with a chick when your at a club and you want to get laid. I'm talking arms swingin get the hell outta my way cause my eyes are closed I'm feeling this shit dancing. Contents of a Runaways Suitcase blazes a trial very similar to Toad the Wet Sprockets Fall Down. It's the background vocals that set this song on fire.

But the highlight of the show was not my dancing. I really think tonight's highlight or should I say climax fuck it I'll say orgasm was KHL guitarist Jim Fendrick strangling his guitar with one arm while punching Cesareo's cymbals with the other as they brought Uncle Sam (Semper Fi!) to a screeching end. I was also really glad to hear Why Adam put back into the set tonight, this is a great friendship song, better than the Stones Waitin' on a Friend.

I laughed at all the fools I saw standing around on the streets of downtown as I walked to my car with the euphoria of the set I had just witnessed still pulsing through every vein in my body. Blowing their money at clubs listening to DJ's play plastic CD's when they could have been downstairs at Jerry's listening rock and roll get blasted out of Marshall Amps. Suckas!!!! Those fools are dead. Karmahitlist baptizes the faithful once again Saturday Sept 11 at the Mint (the stoners, junkies, and freaks!)......Do you believe in Rock and Roll can music save your mortal soul?!

For those of you living on the other side of the hill here's where you can catch Karmahitlist: Thursday September 30 @ The Roxy Satrday October 2 @ RJ's on Beverly BLVD Monday October 11 @ The Gig on Melrose


Friday, September 03, 2004

From the ashes of Punk and Metal: Ridicule

"Please play me, cause I'm asking you to" sing Ridicule on one of their many catchy songs. And why shouldn't you play them? I mean come on they even said please. I met these dudes about 3 weeks ago at a 3 Cent Nickle show. They weren't on the bill they were just there to show their support for the local scene.

After the show their bass player gave me a demo and I was on my way. That demo stayed in my CD player for at least 3 days. At first listen they sounded a lot like Green Day to me but after awhile I started hearing the heavy metal infuences and and the solid musicianship that's as tight as a rubber band holding together the Sunday paper. I was really digging them and I hadn't even seen them play live yet.

I called their bass player Chris who at 29 is the youngest of this four piece outta Bako California. Their demo was phat but it only had four songs and I wanted more. He invited me to their rehearsal and offered to me an Igloo ice chest full of cold Bud Lights. I mentioed Chris's age because I think this has a lot to do with how quickly they have devoloped a sound and now a following. They've all spent time in bands and they have all spent time after being in bands frustrated thinking how it could have worked if only they'd done things differently. Chris said it was this thinking that made him approach the other members of the band after only having rehearsed with them once and ask "so are we gonna do some shows or are we just gonna sit around and talk about doing shows?"

They haven't looked back since. Their prior experience has helped them forge a solid sound using everything from 70's heavy metal to 80's punk and even some 90's power pop punk thrown in for good measure. They are solid, and their lead guitarist starts shredding after about 4 or 5 songs. I told you these guys were old they need a little time to warm up. The lyrics are light and fun, Playground Rules and Punk Rock Squardance are a couple of my favs. I'm working on uploading a couple of tracks for them on I'll let you know as soon as we've got them up, why should Bako have all the fun. Everyone should check out this band and remember a time when music was fun and punks were punks not pretty pin up boys.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ah man, like a breath of fresh air I just read the best damn interview since the Will Smith Playboy interview. My buddy Yomp, caught up with with the L.A. based independent artist Chance, where do these dudes get their names? Anyway check this out, this dude is a visionary.